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Aztec style, Late Postclassic
19th Century
18.1 cm x 9.21 cm x 13.34 cm (7 1/8 in. x 3 5/8 in. x 5 1/4 in.)

On view


This rabbit sculpture rests on its haunches with its paws upraised, framing the lower part of its face. It has large round eyes with rough centers, and deeply sculpted ears that lie back against the head and the curve of the upper back. Its broad belt has a design of alternating skulls and crossbones. Protruding from its abdomen is a bird head with large round eyes with roughened centers. The bird’s open beak reveals a human face in high relief, interpreted by some scholars as a warrior wearing an eagle helmet.

As subjects of Aztec sculpture in the round, rabbits are unusual and scarce in surveys of Aztec sculpture; most occur in bas relief, and are dated. This sculpture “has the slightly irregular surface modeling often found on greenstone carving, which makes it appear lively rather than rigid” (Pasztory 1983:253). The artist has not made an entirely symmetrical rendering, but has worked with the somewhat uneven character of the stone.

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Exhibition History
"An Exhibition of Pre-Columbian Art", Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, MA, 1/15 - 3/2/1940 (catalogue # 32 "Lent by Joseph Brummer”).

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Acquisition History
Formerly in the collection of Augusto Vallejo Leal

Purchased from Augusto Vallejo Leal by Joseph Brummer (dealer), May 14, 1938.

Joseph Brummer Gallery, New York, 1938-1947.

Purchased from Ernest Brummer, New York (dealer), by Robert Woods Bliss, June 17, 1947.

Robert Woods Bliss Collection of Pre-Columbian Art, Washington, DC, 1947-1962.

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Pre-Columbian Collection, Washington, DC.

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