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Turtle Shell Ornaments

Mixtec-Aztec, Late Postclassic
1200-1520 CE
4.45 cm x 2.54 cm x 1.27 cm (1 3/4 in. x 1 in. x 1/2 in.)

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These 16 stylized turtle shells were probably sewn onto a cloth backing to be worn as a collar or necklace. The typical three-tier design mode of gold objects has been contracted in this example, with the second tier consisting only of volutes extending as a flange from the lower edge of the shells and terminating in loops for the suspension of teardrop-shaped tinklers.
The design field of the shells consists of ovals flanked by zigzags on the long sides of each shell. This form is highly conventionalized, only vaguely referencing the plates of a real turtle shell. The volutes that transform into rings for the suspension of the tinklers may be water motifs, apt for turtles and perhaps linking the idea of the sounds of water with the sounds of the tinklers.

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Exhibition History
"Indigenous Art of the Americas", National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, July 1960 to April 1962.

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Acquisition History
Purchased from Earl Stendahl, Los Angeles (dealer), by Robert Woods Bliss, 1960.

Robert Woods Bliss Collection of Pre-Columbian Art, Washington, DC, 1960-1962.

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Pre-Columbian Collection, Washington, DC.

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