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The Open Window, Le Bréau

American, Realist
ca. 1907-1919
54.61 cm x 44.45 cm (21 1/2 in. x 17 1/2 in.)
watercolor on artist board

Not on view


Through the open casement window depicted in this watercolor, one sees the 1705 central block, the later eighteenth-century end pavilion addition, and part of the courtyard of the Château du Bréau, the house near the village of Dammarie-les-Lys, which Walter Gay and his wife, Matilda Travers, purchased in 1907. Although the house is no longer extant, having been demolished in 1971, this watercolor is one of a very few exterior renderings by Gay that record the château’s architectural character. The seven-bay central block has three and a half stories and is clad in stuccoed brick with natural brick window reveals. The windows have exterior louvered shutters, some of which are closed, and beneath each window is a tablet. The dormer windows are capped with semi-circular pediments, and the central dormer, which is larger than the others, is ornamented with Flemish-scroll volutes to either side. In the courtyard is a “hot house” tree, probably a citrus, in its square wooden planter, subtly echoing the warm weather implied by the open window.

Gay did a second version of this composition where the facade is seen at night with interior lighting seen through several of the windows. This work is in a private collection. (1) Another work related to the Dumbarton Oaks watercolor, and possibly painted in the same room, is La Fenêtre, Bréau, in a private collection and dated 1915. (2) This canvas shows more of the room, including an octagonal Empire table with a shelf haphazardly covered with books, papers, a glass bowl of water, and a paintbrush. The casement window is closed, and only a small part of the château’s brickwork is viewed beyond.

In painting this watercolor, Walter Gay has first applied broad transparent washes of color to block in the composition over which he has built up detail with more opaque watercolor pigments and gouache. Although The Open Window, Bréau is ostensibly a realistic depiction, Gay has also concentrated on the abstract grids of rectangular shapes created by the oblique vantage point of the casement window and the house façade. In addition, he has manipulated the spatial disparities of the composition, contrasting the compressed foreground space of the window with the more open, but not unlimited space of the courtyard, and he has distinguished different visual realities: the façade seen through the open window as opposed to its appearance through glass panes of varying degrees of transparency or as reflected in the glass. (3)

Many of Gay’s watercolors are sketches or preparatory studies for oil paintings; however, several, such as The Open Window, Bréau, are independent artworks and are often of a size equal to his largest oil paintings. When exhibited, Gay framed these watercolors, like the oil paintings, in antique carved, gilt frames, suggesting that to Gay they were of equal importance. Indeed, this painting was selected for three early exhibitions of Gay’s important work, including the 1938 Metropolitan Museum of Art memorial retrospective exhibition.

(1) Unpublished.

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(3) Gay depicted similar effects in View from a London Window (Suffolk Street Garlant’s Hotel), watercolor and gouache on brown paper measuring 35.81 x 27.18 cm (14 1/8 in. x 10 7/8 in.), in which Gay depicts the architecture of a wintry street as seen through six panes of glass. This work, which has the remnants of a date 19…, was sold at auction on November 28, 2007, by William Doyle, New York, N.Y., no. 2436.

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Acquisition History
Purchased from the artist by Mildred and Robert Woods Bliss, September 9, 1919.

Collection of Mildred and Robert Woods Bliss, Paris and Washington, D.C., until January 17, 1969.

umbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, House Collection, Washington, D.C.

House Collection