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Tunic Fragments

7th century - 10th century
wool and linen

Not on view


In the center of the band is a nimbed orant figure on a red background. On both sides are two registers, each with a candelabra tree and profile duck. The colorful borders consist of an interlocking step design.

This object is pictured with BZ.1953.2.48, on a wool blue striped background; and BZ.1953.2.104 is the upper band.

Technical Description:
Warp: S-spun Z-plied undyed linen.
Wefts: S undyed linen, S undyed natural light, S dark blue, S medium blue (mixture), S light blue (mixture), S light green, S yellow, S pink, wool.
1 tapestry, slit. 9 plied warps, 20-22 wefts, per cm.
Sleeve fabric:
Warp: S medium blue wool.
Wefts: S medium blue, S white wool (in stripes).
9 warps, 12-13 wefts, per cm.; fabric of goat hair or possibly brushed to create a nap. Embroidery reinforcement (buttonhole or blanket stitch) at edge of sleeve.

D. Thompson, Unpublished Ms. of the Catalogue of Textiles in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection (1976), no. 86. Copy in dossier.

Acquisition History
Collection of Mrs. William Henry Crocker (Ethel Willard Sperry Crocker, 1861–1934), San Francisco, CA.

By descent to her four children, Ethel Mary Cocker De Limur (1891-1964), William W. Crocker (1893-1964), Helen Crocker Russell (1897-1966), and Charles Wynn Crocker (1904-1961), 1934.

On loan to the San Francisco Museum of Art until 1953, when the collection was shipped to Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C.

Gift of William W. Crocker, Helen Crocker Russell, Ethel Mary de Limur, and Charles Crocker in memory of their mother, Mrs. William H. Crocker, 1955.

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Byzantine Collection, Washington, D.C.