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Anton Mauve

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Anton Mauve
Dutch Romantic The Hague School painter
Dutch, (1838–1888)
Anton [Antonij] Mauve was born on September 18, 1838. At the age of 16, he left for Haarlem where he was apprenticed to the artist Pieter Frederik van Os a specialist in cattle, followed by Wouterus Verschuur who painted horses. Together with Paul Gabriel, ten years his senior, he would often go into the countryside to paint directly from nature. He married Jeanette (Jet) Carbentus, sister of Vincent van Gogh's mother, Cornelia Carbentus. Mauve was an important member of the mid 19th-century Hague School, which espoused drawing and painting in the open air. Moreover, following the lead of the French Barbizon artists, these artists looked for naturalistic native subjects. Mauve specialized in landscapes and rural subjects, seeking to revive the tradition of naturalism that had characterized 17th-century Dutch painting. In the winter of 1881-1882, Mauve gave his cousin, Van Gogh, a number of lessons in drawing and painting, reportedly introducing him to the watercolor technique. When Mauve looked critically at Van Gogh's first attempt at a still life, he told him: "I always thought you rather dull, but now I see it isn't true." However, incapable of accepting criticism about his work, Van Gogh broke off communications with Mauve in 1882. Mauve died in Arnhem on February 5, 1888.

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Three Woodcutters HC.P.1903.01.(WC)

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