Roosevelt & Cross Collection

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In 1934, Cornelius van S. Roosevelt and Richard J. Cross accompanied noted Peruvian archaeologist Dr. Julio C. Tello on an expedition to explore important pre-Hispanic sites of the Ancash region, Peru.

The following compilation presents 355 selected photos, only few of them previously published, documenting aspects of the expedition through the Huaura and Fortaleza valleys in the Lima region, as well as the valleys of Huarmey, Casma, Nepeña and Santa in the Ancash region. Highlights of the collection include several pictures showing the historical figure of Julio C. Tello in the field, early photographs of important sites like Chavín de Huántar and Chanquillo, as well an extensive documentation of Chavín tenon heads, striking views of El Lanzón, and diverse Recuay stone sculpture.

For more information on the expedition, see “In Search of the Great Wall of Peru” by Donald A. Proulx at

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